About More Than Luck

“Politics is not a horse race, but if you’re anything like me and you’re only just recovering from the ‘mule-trading’ vibe of election 2010, More Than Luck is a brilliant place to restore your faith. What sweet relief to find a collection of words, sentences, pages, chapters, a whole book that reminds us of the possibility these current times offer us.”

- Clare Bowditch, Musician

The Centre for Policy Development has published a book of policy ideas for the newly-elected Labor minority Government. The book has contributions from CPD fellows and other writers and researchers, capturing their ambitious, progressive ideas – and the evidence that backs them.

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Edited by Mark Davis (author of Land of Plenty) and CPD Executive Director Miriam Lyons,  More Than Luck is both a collection of ideas for citizens who want real change and a to-do list for politicians looking to base public policies on the kind of future Australians really want. The book shows what’s needed to share this country’s good luck amongst all Australians – now and in the future. We asked our authors to come up with creative, ambitious and achievable ideas for change. The result is a mix of easy wins that are ready to be implemented and some big, bold nation building ideas that may require a bit more backbone on the part of our political leaders.

To reference the e-book edition of More Than Luck: Ideas Australia Needs Now, use the following citation:

Davis, M and M Lyons (eds) (July 2010) More Than Luck: Ideas Australia Needs Now. Centre for Policy Development Limited, ISBN: 978-0-9808356-1-8.