Edited by Mark Davis (author of Land of Plenty) and CPD Executive Director Miriam Lyons, More Than Luck is both a collection of ideas for citizens who want real change and a to-do list for politicians looking to base public policies on the kind of future Australia needs. This book shows the practical steps we can take to share this country’s good luck amongst all Australians – now and in the future.

The Centre for Policy Development is an independent progressive think tank, and More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now has contributions from CPD fellows and other writers and researchers, putting forward their ideas for the newly-elected minority Labor government.

CPD wants to help widen the circle of inclusion in public debate on issues that matter, so we have taken the unusual step of publishing this entire book online, and under a Creative Commons license.

“From climate change and sustainability to proper governance and strengthening our democracy, the ideas in More Than Luck come at the right time. And we need politicians who are willing to take them seriously. If we cannot think bigger than tweets, we are in trouble. If our politicians won’t think bigger than sound-bites, we are lost.”

- Julian Burnside, QC.

Download More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now in PDF. Or grab your copy for Kindle or Mobile here. The second hard-copy print run of More Than Luck has sold out. Please contact us at contact(at)cpd.org.au if you would like to order the print edition.


Fiona Armstrong Ben Eltham Miriam Lyons Tani Shaw
Larissa Behrendt Kate Gauthier Kath MacDermott Ben Spies-Butcher
Chris Bonnor Lee Godden Ian McAuley Adam Stebbing
Eva Cox Elizabeth Hill Peter Newman Marcus Westbury
Jennifer Doggett Ray Ison Barbara Pocock
Mark Davis Norm Kelly John Quiggin
Ian Dunlop Phil Lynch Marian Sawer